About Me:

Just an island boy

I was born on an a small island in the western Pacific ocean called Guam. The culture and people are very friendly and social. We seemed to share our life and experience through the love of food. Learning to cook was a must growing up, and that means BBQ.

Over the years, visitors to the island such as the Americans, Europeans, Asians and Micronesians have left their imprints on the island’s tastes and passion for food. During one of the many fiestas you would find tables laden with local delicacies such as red rice, barbecued fish and shrimp, Filipino style cuisine, and barbecued ribs, chicken and tri-tip.

In 1985 I moved to Oregon. Moving to the states was a real eye opener for me. It was far cry from the simple island life and the food was completely different. I was first introduced to state side BBQ when a neighbor shared some of his smoked brisket and ribs. The layers of flavors were incredible. Each bite seemed to dance in my mouth. I had to have more! Over the year I continued to develop my own style of BBQ and smokey flavors.

Later in life I got married to an incredible woman. She thought I was crazy for standing out in the snow just to BBQ. Now she does it herself.

Our passion for BBQ can be seen and tasted in every food creation we serve and we are ready to share the experience with you. Come let us make your life tasty!